New Yuthok anniversaries

New Yuthok anniversaries

For its 10th and 15th anniversaries (2009 and 2014), The New Yuthok Institute organized two important events in Milan (Italy)


October 31st 2009 – 10th anniversary & International congress on Tibetan Medicine

Spirituality and compassion as cure of the body and mind


Tibetan Medicine and Homeopathy
Dr Victorine Cumero, Physician, Acupuncturist, Homeopath, Expert in Tibetan Medicine, President of N.Y.I.

Relation between Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine
Prof. Pasang Yonten Arya Tendi Sherpa, Ex-Director of Mentseekhang Institute (Tibetan medicine college) of Dharamsala (India), Founder and Present Director of N.Y.I.

Tibetan and Western Medicine: Possibilities of Integration,15 years in Post Graduated Medical Education of Tibetan Medicine in Germany
Dr Walburg Maric’ Oehler, President of the German  Medical Acupuncture/ DÄGfA, founder of the Post Graduated Educational Program in Tibetan Medicine for Western Doctors in Germany (1993)

Products of Tibetan Medicine
Dr Herbert Schwabl, Direttore della ricerca sull’efficacia dei prodotti terapeutici Tibetani-Padma Pharmaceutical Company AG (Svizzera)

Tibetan Medicine and Oncology
Dr Alfredo Celano, Physician, Specialist in Oncology, Expert in Tibetan Medicine. Oncology clinic, Torino San Giovanni Battista Hospital, Italy.

Compassion and Tibetan Meditation as a psychological therapy for  personal transformation
Prof. Gioacchino Pagliaro, Director of U.O.C. of Hospital Clinical Psychology, Department of Oncology, Local Health Authority of Bologna. Contract Professor of Clinical Psychology at  Padova University, expert in Tibetan Naturopathy (N.Y.I.)

Tibetan Medicine in daily medical practice: clinical cases
Dr Simonetta Nicolai, Vice-President of N.Y.I., Physician, Acupuncturist, Homeopath, expert in Tibetan Medicine

Presentation of some cases cured with Tibetan Medicine
Dr Tenzin Thupten, Physician, Acupuncturist, expert in Tibetan Medicine




October 25th 2014 – 15th anniversary of the New Yuthok Institute

15 years of the study and dissemination of Tibetan Medicine in Italy


Tibetan Medicine in the West
Dr Pasang Y. Arya

Fifteen years of Tibetan Medicine in daily medical practice; presentation of cases treated with Tibetan therapies
Dr Victorine Cumero

Disorder of the Wind in the head: a case report of integration between traditional Tibetan medicine and allopathic medicine
Dr Thupten Tenzin

Tibetan moxibustion practice
Mr Mauro Zanellato

Tibetan massage Kunye
Ms Jutta Padrun

Therapy Hor-me
Mr Feliciano Angeli

Tibetan yogic breathing and luejong
Ms Mirna Carosso

Tibetan purification of the body / mind
Mr Hervé Michel

Bardo and meditation in Tibetan Medicine
Dr Angela Furfaro

Recognition and development of Tibetan Medicine in Italy
Dr Graziella Boi