Ku-nye Massage

Ku-nye Massage

Every Medical culture has different methods to solve the human health problems, so does the Tibetan Medicine which has many different methods described and practiced for centuries. Among them, Massage (Ku-nye) is one of the very practical and effective methods to restore the energy and keep the humors in balance.  Especially it is an effective method for rlung/wind disorder or psychological originated disorders. Massage is popularly used in Tibet by Medical professionals and local people in the urban and remote areas. Good and proper Massage technique helps many physical and psychological problems whether they are caused by humoral or daily stressful works.

The massage seminar is part of the third year of the Tibetan medicine course but it also accepted participants who have knowledge on Tibetan medicine or wish to learn the ancient Tibetan therapeutic methods. It is given by Ms Jutta Padrun, a professional massage therapist specialized in Tibetan ku-nye massage. It includes both theory and practical teaching, and has two levels.

Tibetan massage level-1, Anti-stress and tension:
• Short basic concept of Tibetan Medicine
• Three Energies
• Mind and Body relations
• Cause of stress and tension
• Massage oils etc.

Practical teachings
• Method of eliminating physical and psychological stress and tension
• Demonstration of head, face, shoulder and lumbar massages.