Body-mind cleansing

Body-mind cleansing

The Tibetan body/mind cleansing therapy helps remove toxins and heals the energetic disorders left by intoxication, smoking, alcohol and unhealthy food and drinks. The practice is derived from Tibetan medicine and is very gentle and smooth. It is accompanied with yoga exercises that help move the entire toxins and liberate the body/mind from burdens of negative influences. It also helps keep the mind clear and clean and improves meditation and awareness. It is generally practiced in retreat, on 3 days.

Diet restriction
During the retreat and cleansing therapy, one is not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, eat meat, garlic, seafood, and egg. In short one should follow a pure vegetarian diet.

Practice of cleansing therapy program
First day:
The diet should be free from animal products before starting the retreat and participants should fast during the first day (they can only drink water)

Second day:
After meditation, the participants begin to drink a mixed herbal decoction and they practice yoga exercises. According to their capacity, they should drink from one to five litres of the mixture, take a rest with warm clothes and from time to time do some exercise and movement.
After the cleansing, a rejuvenation pill is taken to improve the body and powerfully rejuvenate the organs and constituents. After an hour, one can start to have light food and drinks.

Third day:
Explanation on diet and lifestyle to be followed after a cleansing.

The effect of the cleansing is experienced immediately with a positive feeling in the mind and body. Clearing the sensory organs makes the body feel light and full of energy. There is less desire for unhealthy food like eating meat, consuming alcohol, coffee in excess, smoking, etc. and the bad breath and body smells change. Especially the humours are re-equilibrated, the bile and liver energies are restored, the mind harmonized, the toxins eliminated and skin disorders healed. In short, the cleansing therapy regulates the function of the stomach, small intestine and colon, to keep the balance of the three humours and give the basic harmony to the mind.