Tibetan tantric yoga

Tibetan tantric yoga

The Tibetan tantric healing yoga is a practice that has been done by Indian and Tibetan yogis for centuries, and is not like yoga usually practiced in the West. It is a practice of rLung (psychic wind) and exercise of the mind purely based on spiritual development, which was laid down by the tantric master Pundit Naropa and later masters. The yoga exercises remove the negative energies from the channels and chakras by physical positions and movements which harmonize wind and mind and release inner stress and tension. Dedicated and genuine pratitioners may tame the wind, develop spiritual experience, and become able to control the mind and emotions. The lifelong exercise with proper motivation and correct view can lead to the pure state of awakened Buddhahood. Generally the yoga technique helps stimulate the channels and chakras, and purifies the body/mind and promote the health.

The basic practice is:

  • Luejong (lus sbyong) body training
  • Tsajong (rtsa sbyong) channel exercise
  • Rlung jong (rlung sbyong) wind exercise
  • Semjong (sems sbyong) mind training

The seminar comprises a basic theoretical introduction, and the practice of  luejong (lus sbyong), the physical  and wind breathing yoga exercises. It also explains the importance of each exercise, which all regulate the five subtle winds, five chakras, five psychic emotions and aggregates, and that lead to spiritual progress, health improvement, etc.